MZ-Tools License File For VS + Crack Download

MZ-Tools License File For VS + Crack Download

MZ-Tools License  is a plugin for Visual Studio for faster coding. This add-on adds new features to the Visual Studio programming environment, which ultimately boosts the coding speed of C # programmers, Visual Basic .NET, VB6, VB5 and VBA. The features of this plugin will increase the efficiency of code-writing, design forms and also the quality of the code.


MZ-Tools was created to claim its makers to simplify the lives of programmers. After installing this tool, the new MZTools menu is added to the IDE environment, with all the features of this program plus its configuration and customization available in this menu.

Using this tool, both for individual programmers and team members, benefits include faster coding, faster design, faster code search, document production, and, ultimately, quality assurance and standards. Many of the major development teams from major corporations including Intel, HP, Cisco, Sprint, etc. use this plugin as well as a large number of scripts written in the programming world referring to this tool and recommending it. Including books:

  • Professional Visual Studio 2005
  • Professional Excel Development
  • Professional Access 2013 Programming
  • Expert Access 2007 Programming

Install this plugin in Visual Studio, VBA Editor (32/46 bit in all Office programs), Visual Basic 5 and 6. It should be noted that all the features of this plugin are not available in all environments, depending on the capabilities, some of them will only be available in some coding environments available to programmers.


  • Search and replace text in methods, file, project, selected text or entire content
  • Possibility to display all places where the method has been read
  • Ability to save pieces of code to favorites
  • Fast moving to the beginning or end of methods and classes (very practical for long classes and methods)
  • Ability to create different templates for faster coding
  • Ability to convert the field to the property and vice versa
  • Automatically create Switch structure labels
  • Ability to add waterer to code files
  • Ability to sort code structures based on various parameters
  • Smart design
  • Possibility to streamline controls more efficiently
  • Ability to copy and control the track along with the code

System Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2005-2019

How to install?

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